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Tonite Chords

Air Supply

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by peter

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Year: 1981 - Album: Forever Love - 36 Greatest Hits

(Graham Russell)

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  		Introduction: F  C/E  Bbx2  F  C/E  Bbx2 
F                                 C/E 
Now you tell me that the time is right 
You've let your feeling go 
Bb                          C                          F  (F/C , C) 
And you know I won't use them up too fast 
F                               C/E 
I can't promise you the best there is 
But, oh, I'm gonna try 
Bb                   C                F     (F , C/E) 
I'm never gonna let you go tonight 
Dm Am Tonight, the start of a love to remember Dm Gm Gm/C Tonight, a love that will never be ended ( F , Cm/Eb) Bb/D ( F , Cm/Eb) Bb/D Tonight, tonight
F C/E Let me take you where there's no return Dm9 Dm9/C Where dreams can all come true Bb C F (F/C , C) I've got the feeling we've been holding on too long F C/E What we're feeling is ours alone Dm9 Dm9/C No one will ever know Bb C F (F , C/E) Just how we feel about tonight CHORUS Instrumental: Dmx2 Amx2 Dmx2 Gm Gm/C (F , Cm/Eb) Bb/D (F , Cm/Eb) Bb/D Bb Csus4 F How many times has love fallen through Eb Bb/D When I left it all up to you Gm7/C I took your words when you said Dm Dm/C It's got to be just right Gm/Bb ( Gm/Bb , Am/C) (Am/D , D) I need you now, I need you now CHORUS (key=G) Emx2 Bmx2 Emx2 Am Am/D ____________ Kenji Yanase

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