Aimee Mann

Red vines

Aimee Mann

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Red vines

Capo on 1st fret
        D         Bm            F#m         G 
They're all still on their honeymoon 
     D        Bm          F#m 
Just read the dialogue balloon 
F#       G 
Everyone loves you -  
D               A 
Why should they not? 
    D       Bm           F#m       G 
And I'm the only one who knows 
     D     Bm              F#m 
That Disneyland's about to close 
F#         G          D         A 
I don't suppose you'd give it a shot 
        E               Em 
Knowing all that you've got 
                   D   A          Em 
Are cigarettes and Red Vines 
Just close your eyes, 'cause, baby - 
    D        A 
You never do know 
                   D   A 
And I'll be on the sidelines 
With my hands tied 
G            D         A       Em 
Watching the show 
Verse 2 
Well it's always fun and games until 
It's clear you haven't got the skill 
In keeping the gag  from 
Going too far 
So your running round the parking lot 
'til every lightening bug is caught 
puching some pinholes 
in the lid of a jar 
while we wait in the car 
Chorus (With cigarettes and red vines...) 
                      G    Bm    D 
And tell me, would it kill you 
                G     Bm   D 
Would it really spoil everything 
              G         Bm 
If you didn't blame yourself 
Do you know what I mean? 
Chorus (Cigarettes and Red Vines) 
             D      A      Em 
Watching the show 
             D      A      Em 
Watching the show 
             D      A      Em 
Watching the show  etc etc 


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