Aimee Mann

Invisible ink

Aimee Mann

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Invisible ink

Capo on 4th fret
F#            Bm        G           D          G            D     
There comes a time when you swim or sink so I jumped in the drink 
       G          D           A     Asus4 A F# 
'Cause I couldn't make myself clear 
        Bm            G       D      G             D       
Maybe I wrote in an invisible ink oh I've tried to think 
    G          D         A    Asus4 A Asus4 A 
how I could've made it appear 
      G A   Bm A  D         D/C    D/B       D/A           Em  A Em A 
But another illustration is wasted cuz the results are the same  
        G   A Bm    A     D         D/C       D/B        D/A        Em  
I feel like a ghost who's trying to move your hands over some Ouija board 
       A           G     D      Dsus4 D 
in the hopes I can spell out my name 
F#                 Bm    G        D          G              D       
But some take from magic at first glance is just sleight of hand 
   G            D        A    Asus4 A F# 
depending how much you believe 
               Bm        G        D         G            D      
Something gets lost when you translate it's hard to keep straight 
    G          D    A    Asus4 A Asus4 A 
perspective is everything 
      G    A   Bm    A  D              D/C     D/B    D/A        Em  A Em A 
And I know now which is which and what angle I oughta look at it from 
      G   A Bm    A   D        D/C   D/B  D/A                 Em 
I suppose I should be happy to be misread better be that than some of the 
A            G D      Dsus4 D 
other things I have become 
chorus:    A                  Em 
But nobody wants to hear this tale 
The plot is cliche - the jokes are stale  
                    G        D     A 
and maybe we've all heard it all before 
           A            Em 
oh I could get specifis but 
nobody needs a catalog 
                 G            D        A 
when details are love I can't sell anymore 
     G      A  Bm  A     D          D/C     D/B    D/A      Em  A Em A 
And aside from that this chain of reaction baby is losing a link 
            G     A    Bm    A     D        D/C      D/B        D/A  
Thought I'd hope you'd know that I tried to tell you and if you don't I could  
Em         A          G         D  Dsus4 D 
draw you a picture in invisible ink 
A Em A Em G D A 2x 
Oh ohh 
A Em A Em G D A 


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