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Fly Away From Here (ver. 2) Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by larissa%5Framone

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Fly Away From Here (ver. 2)

Gotta find a way  
Yeah, I can't wait another day  
Ain't nothin' gonna change  
If we stay around here  
I gotta do what it takes  
Because it's all in our hands  
We all make mistakes  
                Am                 C#m  
Yeah, but it's never to late to start again (yeah yeah)  
 B       A           C#m  
Take another breath  
    B           Am 
And say another prayer  

E B Then fly away from here C#m To anywhere Am Yeah, I don't care E B If we just fly away from here C#m Our hopes and dreams Am Are out there somewhere C#m B F# Won't let time pass us by A Am We'll just fly
E If this life G#m Gets any harder now A It ain't no nevermind Am Ya got me by your side E And anytime you want (fly fly fly) G#m Yeah we catch a train A And find a better place Fmaj7 Yeah, 'cause we won't let nothin' C#m or no one keep gettin' us down B A C#m maybe you and I B Am Could pack our bags and hit the sky (Chorus) B Do you see a bluer sky now A You could have a better ride now G A E Open your eyes B Because no one here can ever stop us A They can try but we won't let them G A E No way-ay-ay-ay-yeah-ah B A C#m maybe you and I B Am Could pack our bags and say goodbye (Chorus) E B Fly away from here (ya ya ya) C#m Yeah, anywhere A Am Honey, I don't I don't I don't fly (yeah) A Am We just fly (fly away)

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