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Year: 1987 - Album: Permanent Vacation

  		Intro: E     B A     B E    B A    B  (Play 3 Times) 
         Cm     B A     A7     A     
 1: I'm alone 
 2:      Don't know what I'm gonna do 
                                A             A7  A 
 1: Yeah I don't know if I can face the night 
 2:                about this feeling inside 
 1:   I'm in tears 
 2: Yes it's true 
             C#m                      G#m      A 
 1:  and the cryin' that I do is for you 
 2:         loneliness took me for a ride 
    B      C#m 
 1: I want  your love 
 2: Without your love 
 1: Let's break the walls between us 
 2: I'm   nothing but a beggar 
    B         C#m 
 1: Don't make it tough 
 2: Without    your love 
 1: I'll put away my pride 
 2: a  dog without a bone 
    B       C#m 
 1: Enough's enough 
 2: What can I do? 
         A                            B 
 1: I've suffered and I've seen the light 
 2: I'm  sleeping   in   this  bed  alone 
                       E     B A 
 Ba yay by, you're my angel 
                  B C#m        B A 
 Come and save me tonight 
        B E     B A 
 You're my angel 
                      B C#m   B A  B 
 Come and make it all right 
 1: A     A7     A       (goto verse 2) 
    B A               B E 
 2:       Come and save me tonight 
    B A     B C#m     B A     
    You're the reason I live 
    You're the reason I die 
    You're the reason I give 
    when I break down and cry 
 A                            B     
    Don't need no reason why.         
    Baby, Baby 


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