Adventure Time

Food Chain

Adventure Time

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Food Chain

Round and round as the nature flows 
It's like one big ring 
C                       G 
Caterpillars eat plants 
C                       F 
Small birds eat caterpillars 
Big birds eat small birds 
Bacteria eats the dead- big bird 
Eb                  Bb 
From there plants grow 
Eb    Dm         Eb         F                       
Again caterpillar eats the plant! 

Bb               F 
How natural, no waste 
Dm        Gm 
It is an endless chain 
Dm              Eb    F              Bb  
What an amazing, wonderful, and excellent! 
Bb                Dm 
How harsh, not careless 
It's an endless chain 
Dm              Eb     F                   Bb 
What an amazing, wonderful, and excellent food... food chain! 

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