Adam Cappa

Washed Over Me

Adam Cappa

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Washed Over Me

Em  C   G    D or (D/F#) 
Whoa, whoa , whoa 

        Em             C     G           D/F# 
By the blood of jesus christ i can enter in, 

        Em             C   G            D/F#    
By his blood and sacrifice i am whole again 

        Em             C              G               D/F# 
All the pieces i have torn apart are scattered all around 

  Am                       C 
There is not a trace, you took it all away 

           Em                   C     G                  D/F# 
Ive been washed, i?ve been cleansed, i have been made free 

           Em             C         G                D/F# 
Ive been bought by your blood, my king has bled for me 

              C       G          D/F# 
The sweetest victory, won at calvary 

            Em             C               D/F# 
Where your love, all your love washed over me 

           Em                  C    G              D/F# 
When the stains that shade my life, weigh me down again 

     Em         C     G               D/F# 
Only you can purify, restoring hope within 

        EM                   G        G                   D/F# 
Every moment that i feel so far away, youre not far from me 

   Am                C                          
There is no escape, from the shelter of your name 


 Am                  Em          D/F#        G 
Let it rain, let it rain, let it over take me 

 Am                    Em           D/F#      G 
Let your love flood my heart, i am finally waking 

 Am                 D/F#               C 
I will never be the same as long as i remember 


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