Adam Cappa

The Rescue

Adam Cappa

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The Rescue

Capo on 4th fret


Intro: C,G,D,Em,D   
         C              G   
Have you ever lost your way,  
        D           Em  D    
Getting by with no direction.  
       C          G   
Living always so afraid,  
       D         Em         D  
Of the fear that fills your mind.  
                 G                        D  
And you could go on and on and on like this,  
            Em                        D  
But you'll never find that peace exists.  
          C                     G          D  
You don't have to be, you don't have to be alone.  
Am                         Em  
There's a better way, it's never to late to say,  

I need You right now,  
Here in this moment,  
I'm losing ground,  
Can't keep going,  
I'm calling out,  
For You to rescue me.  
Don't want to drown right now,  
Here in this ocean,  
I'm so far down,  
Can't keep moving.  
This time around,  
I'm keeping my eyes on You.  
You are the rescued,  
You are the rescued.  


verse 2  
Is it hard to find your words?  
To say what you've been thinking?  
Have you taken whats not yours?  
Running by your desperation.  
You could go on and on and on like this,  
But you'll never find a love like His.  
You don't have to be, you don't have to be alone.  


Am    C     G  
Woah. Woah. I need you, I need you.  
Am    C     G  
Woah. Woah. My rescued, my rescued.  

End With Chorus  


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