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Thunderstruck Chords


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by switchika

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Year: 1992 - Album: The Razor's Edge

Bm                                                                Bm 
I was  caught in the middle of the railroad tracks (THUNDER) 
Bm                                                                Bm 
I looked round and I new there was no turning back (THUNDER) 
Bm                                                                Bm 
My mind raced and i thought ' Waht could I do' (THUNDER) 
Bm                                                            Bm 
And I knew there no help no help from you (THUNDER) 
                       Bm  A  E  A  A  E 
Sound of the drums                     they beatin'  in my heart  
                            Bm  A  E  A  A  E 
The thunder of guns,          yeah        they tore me apart 
Bm                                       Bm 
You've been Thunderstruck  


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