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by hebealmeida

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Mr K

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  F/A              Am                                              
My goldfish died today                                              
Little heart in a bubble                                            
Ray of light in my kitchen 
    F/A                     Am 
The only livin piece of my mind 
Since you crossed the line 
      Em/G        F    Gsus2  G                                     
Mister K   Mister K                                                 
They told me not to be sad 
It is just a matter of time 
What if you had stop time 
What if i'm stuck on yours 
      Em/G       F7M/A     Am                                       
Mister K   Mister K 
State of mind 
             Em/G      F 
Not really united any more 
    Gsus2     G         
But one thing is for real 
A fish is a better friend than a human 
               F/A        Am 
And thats for shure 
   E/G#                    Em/G 
My goldfish died today ,my goldfish died today 
      F7M/A        Am 
Mister K    Mister K 
I named it Jack the ripper 
Psycho under water 
The only livin' memory 
Gsus2    G       Am9     Am                                         
Showing how ,you stabbed me                                         
F  Gsus2 G  
Wo Oh    oh 
   Am9 Am 
Oh wo  oh.. 

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