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Change The Way Chords

Aaron Shust

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by jeolb

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Change The Way

  		Change The Way  
Aaron Shust  
E                      E/D         C#m      B 
King of all the universe  
        A2                      C#m               B 
We love You and we come to You now 
E                              E/D               C#m    B  
Asking for Your healing touch  
       A2           C#m          B 
We need You this very hour  

Pre Chorus 
D                               A                             E     B 
Would you help us comprehend what it means to worship You  
D                                           A 
cause we're blinded by our circumstance  
F                         Esus 
Heal our eyes today  

A                                               F#m 
May we know Your love; feel it course through our veins 
                          D                   F#m            E  
Encircling our hearts and embracing our souls 
                           A                        F#m        D  Esus 
We need Your love and grace to remain, to rearrange our hearts  
         E                            D2 
And change the way we praise  

E                      E/D         C#m      B 
Son of God who took my place  
        A2                      C#m               B 
We thank You and may we realize  
E                                          E/D              
You've made us righteous in His sight  
        C#m                                       B 
You took our wrongs and made them right  
       A2           C#m          B 
We owe You all of our lives 

Pre Chorus 

F#m                        E                           D 
Love me, Father, for I am Your son  
(and I am Your daughter) 


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