A Fine Frenzy

Devil's Trade

A Fine Frenzy

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Devil's Trade

(Intro) F  Dm  F  Dm 

F          Dm 
Under the night gown 
F             Dm 
And over the skin 
F             Dm 
Turn all the lights out 
Gm            C 
And let us begin 

F            Dm 
Gather this fallen 
F              Dm 
Bird to your breast 
F                 Dm 
She'll sing you a song 
      Gm            C   F 
If you take her to bed 

 Dm        Bb       F 
Oooh, the Devil's Trade 
  Dm        Bb    F 
Freedom for a taste 
    Gm             Bb          F 
The apple had the price of a snake 
   Gm  Bb 
And I will pay 

( F  Dm  F  Dm ) 
As soft as a door mouse 
Untangle our limbs 
A kiss on the knee 
And now you're, gone with the wind 

Everything's different 
And I don't belong 
I'm cold as a kitchen 
      Gm            C 
In the breaking of dawn 

And though it hurts 
To breath 
( Ab )     Bb       F 
I die before I'd leave 

Oooh, the Devil's Trade 
Freedom for a taste 
The apple had the price of a snake 
And I will pay 

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