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(and solo sections between verses) 
G  Cadd9 

verse 1 

G                          Cadd9 
You got my number, it's on you to make the call 
           G                             Cadd9 
And I won't bother you at all, but if you want to get together 
G                         Cadd9 
Once or twice it would be nice to see you, and I'll believe you 
G                              Cadd9 
Even if the doubt it hurts my mind 

F Em And we won't talk about our names here G F Em And there is no one who wants to find out F Em D And even if we've had a bit too much to drink, we'll talk it out
verse 2 G Cadd9 I know the feeling of being lost and not being looked for G Cadd9 I've made some plans with which life couldn't disagree more G Cadd9 I know direction and what it means to speed along G Cadd9 We've been provided with the means to make ourselves feel we belong
F Em And we won't talk about the things we should forget G F Em But deep inside I'm not sure how to do that yet F Em D Treat you like a cigarette... just put you out
Bridge F C G Oh suzanna, you can cry for me F C F C Make the world around you wetter, it will make you feel much better G You can cry for me F C G Hang your oceans out to dry, tonight F C F C They're not deep enough to sink you, in the end, know that I think of you G The same Outro F > Em > D/F# > G (Chord Shapes)
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G Cadd9 F Em G D D/F# e|-3---3-------1---0-----3---2--------| B|-3---3-------1---0-----3---3---3----| G|-0---0-------2---0-----0---2---2----| D|-0---2-------3---2-----0---0---0----| A|-2---3-------3---2-----2------------| E|-3-----------1---0-----3-------2----|

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