10 Years

Fix Me (acoustic)

10 Years

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Fix Me (acoustic)

	  		Verso 1:  

C#m                               A  
It's taken a lifetime to lose my way  
   C#m         A 
A lifetime of yesterdays  
C#m                         A  
All the wasted time on my hands  
Turns to sand  
And fades in the wind  

   Crossing lines  
Small crimes  
 F#m             A    (B)  
Taking back what is mine  

A I'm fine in the fire B I feed on the friction F#m I'm right where I should be A (B) Don't try and fix me (x2):
Verso 2: So lost for so long To find to my way I failed to follow I'm out of place Pre-Refrão Crossing Lines Small crimes Taking back what is mine Refrão x2 Bridge: A C#m F#m B Isolation, Hesitation, Separation, Revelation Refrão(Outro) x3

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