Zane Williams

Jayton And Jill

Zane Williams

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Jayton And Jill


Intro: D  

Jayton had a job for seven bucks an hour  

At the fillin' station by the water tower 
Just checkin' oil and fixin' flats 
 G                                       D 
The kind of kid most folks just look past 
Jill was the local preacher's kid gone wild 

Most the time her daddy couldn't stand his own child  
He'd quote the scripture with an angry shout 
     G                                              D                       
And list her all the reasons she would never turn out 

G D She was drunk one night on the fourth of July A Bm Parked in a pasture with an out-of-town guy G D He got mad when she said no Em G And he tore her Sunday dress G D She was wanderin' alone on a county road A Bm When the lights came over the hill G A D That was the moment when Jayton met Jill
Verse: D He said hey, do you need a ride home She said go away, leave me alone A But he noticed the bruise and the frightened tears G D Said there ain't no way in Hell I'm leavin' you out here D It was rainin' a little and fixin' to storm And his mustang jacket looked dry and warm A So she let him wrap it 'round her and she climbed inside G D Sayin' OK I guess thanks for the ride
G D At an all-night diner they waited out the storm A Bm Ended up talking right up 'til dawn G D By the time he dropped her off safe at home Em G Neither one felt so alone G D Two lost souls found a connection A Bm that's blessin' both of them still G A D On that night when Jayton met Jill
G D A Bm G D Em G
G D And what Jayton never told her about that night A Bm Is how he'd taken his dad's old 45 G D He'd been drivin' 'round thinkin' how no one would miss him Em G If he just ended it all G D He couldn't see past his own pain A Bm 'Til he saw a pretty girl walkin' in the rain G Thank God he made it over that hill G A D That was the moment when Jayton met Jill
Final: G A D

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