The Trews

65 Roses

The Trews

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65 Roses


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Intro e|----|---------|---------|---------|---------------------------------| B|---5|-6-5-3-1-|---1-3--5|-6-5-3-1-|---1-3---------------------------| G|----|---------|-2-------|---------|-2-------------------------------| x 2 D|----|---------|---------|---------|---------------------------------| A|----|---------|---------|---------|---------------------------------| E|----|---------|---------|---------|---------------------------------|
(verse 1) C We were singing F C And folks were dancing F C F C The good times always flow, before and after show G There was no way of knowing F C Poetry and prose F C 65 Roses F C That's the way it goes F C We were all too close G It was right under our noses (Pre-Chorus) F C Well I got the news today; you're already on your way F G You can borrow time, but you still run out of days F C You can double down, time and time again F C G But the odds are in the favour of the house, and the time has come my friend (Chorus) C F C I cannot swim the ocean wide G F C And nor do I have wings to fly C F C Just light my way, when it's my time G F C Cause there's a new star in the sky (verse 2) F C Something we can treasure F C For now if not forever F C F C You said you made your peace, you're ready for release G If it don't get any better F C But I just can't abide it F C I can't believe it as I write it F C F C As hearts begin to sink, let's raise another drink G 'Cause there ain't no use to fight it (Chorus) with repeat last line (Interlude) D Am F G with Intro Melody x4 (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) x 2 G F C There's a new star in the sky x 3 F C As steady as she goes F C 65 Roses

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