The Temptations


The Temptations

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Written by Bob Elgin/Phil Medley/Bobby Russell

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D         Bm        G           A   G Gbm D 
Barbara...Barbara...Barbara, my love. 

D                  Bm       G 
If Barbara were an angel, I pray she'd watch  
over me..(whoa, whoa, whoa.) 
G  D              Bm         G               A 
If Barbara were a queen, her servant I would be. 
(whoa, whoa, whoa.) 
   D                Bm       G 
If Barbara would be mine and wear my high school  
         D                 Bm        G 
Then I'd climb the highest mountain, do just  
A  D       D               Bm          
G               A 

D                   Bm               G 
If Barbara were the winter chill I'd stand out  
in the cold..(whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.) 
   D              Bm        G                A 
If Barbara were a tree, her branches I would hold. 
(whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.) 
   D                  Bm     G                 A 
If Barbara would love me and say that she'd be mine. 
    D                Bm     G        A        D    
I'd swim the deepest ocean, stop the hands of time. 

Barbara, please say (that you're the one in love  

with me.) 
Don't let me lead (this life, this life of misery.) 
(whoa, whoa, whoa.) 
G                       Gm7      G 
Let me kiss your tender lips and know your secret  

And let me know what real love is and hold you in  
   F  A 
my armmms. 

    D              Bm        G                  A 
And if this love I pray for, should it all come true. 
(whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.) 
D                Bm               G               A 
Then with all my heart, dear, I'd love no one but you. 
(whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.) 
     D              Bm        G            A 
I'll hold you in my arms, for now and ever more..(whoa.) 
    D              Bm             G      Gbm A   D 
And we will walk together through love's sac-red door. 

 D        Bm       G           A 
(Barbara..Barbara..Barbara, my love. 
 D        Bm       G           A 
(Barbara..Barbara..Barbara, my love. 
 D        Bm        

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