The Orwells

Like No One Else

The Orwells

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Like No One Else

Written by Dominic Corso/Grant Timothy Brinner/Henry Brinner/Mario Cuomo/Matthew Owen O Keefe

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Intro riff (plays throughout the song): e|--0--0----------------|--0--0-------------|--0—0----------------|--0—0--------------| B|--------3--1-----1----|-------3--1----1---|-------3--1-----1----|------3--1----1--3-| G|--------------2-----0-|------------2----0-|-------------2-----0-|------------2------| D|----------------------|-------------------|---------------------|-------------------| A|----------------------|-------------------|---------------------|-------------------| E|----------------------|-------------------|---------------------|-------------------|
Part 1: G My ole’ baby's got me down C But she don't like it in this town G I laugh when nobody's around D and I never make a sound x2 Part 2: G You gotta think your self and dress yourself C and don't do nothing like no one else G You gotta think your self and dress yourself D and don't do nothing

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