The Merry-Go-Round


The Merry-Go-Round

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Year: 1967 -

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Intro E D A E   

E              D   
Know, ya gotta know is that   
A                      E   
yourself or nothing at all   
E                 D   
Oh, you think you live, well how can you  
A                         E   
You're here stuck in four walls   

D G D If you gotta go you better live your life before you pass away D Don't waste a day D G All your life you've been locked in your room D A You never had a chance to run away from home
E D So you gonna go, well good A E Day to waste any time E D Oh you like to think it's all A E Familiar, soon you will find Chorus E D A E Live, live, live, live E D A E Live, live, live, live E D Now, do what you want and where you A E Want, it's all up to you E D Oh, you like the room, it's nice to A E Do what you want to do Chorus E D If you don't know now what life's A E About, go on now and live E D And if you don't know how, it's not so E A Hard, just let go and live Chorus E D A E Live, live, live, live

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