The Lawrence Arms

Brickwall Views

The Lawrence Arms

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Brickwall Views


Intro: A 

verse 1: 
E             B/Eb     A 
  don't break too many hearts 
E            B/Eb     A 
  don't take too many arrows 
in the chest.  cry comfortably 
E        B 
  let us all know what you're 
C#m     E           B/Eb 
thinking is there a gesture 
i could use to clearly 
  E               B/Eb 
express i'm at an utter 
         A     C#m 
loss for words?   is there 
  B                  A 
a part of you that's torn? 
that's larger than life? 
that will hold on for 
one more night? 

Refrain 1: 

  i've got a speech 
   B   A 
to make followed 
           B   A 
by a big parade  

E A northside closed C#m B eyes all charades A go on forever E A hands tied with fool's pride C#m B in a slowly A fleeing summer
verse 2: E just throw your B/Eb hands up at the A E B/Eb sky no use trying A C#m to explain the the clouds are B mirrors i'm A disguised E B/Eb i'm not all C#m that entertaining E B/Eb the city looks A E the same until you B/Eb notice smaller A C#m changes it still B A knows us all by name E it holds us B close to its heart C#m it holds us B close to its heart Refrain 2: A all my hopes B are unaligned A this diagnosis B A is self-designed (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: E B empty rooms don't have C#m A pictures to talk to E B brickwall views demand C#m A uninspired afternoons E B the days are flooding A E into months the nights B C#m are staring into centuries verse 3: A B i've got some E older pictures A B of people i E see once every C#m couple years A intrigued B or unamazed E "you were so much C#m different back A A in those days" verse 4: E B and now this smile has C#m E a bitter curve and now B A these eyes are unenchanted E B C#m and all we see is a faded A image of what we used to E B A be how can we relate Verse 5: E B when we don't know C#m a thing about each A E other anymore? B when we don't know C#m a thing about each A E other anymore? B when we don't know C#m a thing about each A E other anymore? B when we don't know C#m A E B/Eb C#m A each other anymore? E B/Eb C#m A Outro: E B/Eb is there a gesture C#m I could use to B A clearly express B at an utter E loss for words

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