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Wintertime Love Banjo

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Wintertime Love

Into:  D  A  E  A

        Em7         D         F          C
        Wintertime winds blow cold this season
        Dm          F       Bb       A
        Fallin in love I'm hopin to be
        Em          D        F        C
        Wind is so cold, is that the reason     
        Dm           F          Bb            A     E   A
        Keeping you warm, your hands touching me

G D D7 Come with me, dance, my dear F# Bm Winter's so cold this year G A G A D A E A You are so warm, my wintertime love to be
Additional verse: Wintertime winds blue and freezin Comin from northern storms in the sea Love has been lost, is that the reason Trying so desperately to be free

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