Simon Joyner

Nostalgia Blues

Simon Joyner

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Nostalgia Blues

	  		The picking/strum pattern is probably the toughest thing 
about this song. I kind of just try to do some odd 
combination of strumming & picking during the verses 
& Choruses, then just strumming for the bridges. 
Have fun with it (but not too much). 

Intro: F C F C 
       F C C/B Am 
       F G 

verse 1 
F                            C 
    See you still haven't quit smoking 
        F                                  C 
Is that really all that you can think to say? 
    F                                  C C/B     Am  
I remember your bedsheets smudged with ashes and burns 
         F                                    G 
When you stayed up all night reading The Brothers K 

F                               C 
    I know nostalgia's a Southall waitress 
       F                              C 
Saving nickels for a rainy day far removed 
        F                               C     C/B Am 
Still I can't ever remember seeing your tongue so tied 
       F                 G 
Or your hands shake so loose 

Bridge 1 
F                                G 
    Yes, everyone wants to believe their time was special, Nick 
        Am                       F 
See the dish run away with the spoon 

C Then they settle down G And they settle in Am F And they curse the night for givin' them all those sweet dreams C G All those sweet dreams, they bartered and sold F C So long ago
verse 2 F C Coachie was wise to get out when he did F C And hitch his pony to an actual star F C C/B Am You know, he's playing the Sydney Opera House tonight F G Aren't y'all still sleeping on strangers' wooden floors, yes F C How'd you get that iceberg way up on your shoulder, Jim? F C Can't we force our old demons into a truce? F C C/B Am No, I'm afraid what we did was secret then F G Don't act surprised it now applies to you Bridge 2 F G I guess everyone thinks genius is in their blood Am F Or at least livin' down the street a door or two
C And then they settle down G And they settle in Am F And they curse the night for punishing them with those sweet dreams C G All those sweet dreams that exposed their soul F C So long ago
verse 3 F C Bobby says the translator's nightmare is finding all the right words F C But somehow still gettin' the whole story wrong F C C/B Am And all you guitar poets, well you're life's little butchers F G Go ahead and put that one in your song F C You've got endless tales of love gone bad F C I guess our Romeo is really cursed F C C/B Am You poke your nose in everyone's dirty clothes F G So you can turn 'em into your light, loose verse Bridge 3 F G Well, my life isn't neat rhymes and punchlines Am F Cheap laughs and your talking blues F G And I wish that for just one time Am F You could stand inside my shoes
C You could settle down G And you could settle in Am F And you could curse the night for givin' you all those sweet dreams C G All those sweet dreams I watched corrode F C So long ago
verse 4 F C Well, it's easy to get hung up F C On all the things that you'll never have F C C/B Am A backyard pool, your mother's love, F G John Lennon's autograph F C Some people step into an ambulance F C While others slip into a trance F C C/B Am I've heard the sky blooms Picassos, though F G If you stop and give the clouds half a chance Bridge 4 F G But I won't go to your funeral, Sue Am F But I've got a couch if you ever need a place to crash
C We could settle down G We could settle in Am F We could thank the night for givin' us all those sweet dreams C G All those sweet dreams, like swords pulled from stones Am F While we filled our notebooks with grass, branch, and bone C Aw, here's to the sweet dreams G That wouldn't leave us alone F C So long ago

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