Poor Ned



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Poor Ned

	  		Song : Poor Ned 
Artist : Redgum 
D                  A          G                 D 
Eighteen-hundred & 78 was the year I remeber so well 
D                        A               G                  D 
they put my father in an early grave and slung my mother in gaol 
D                      A             
now I don't know whats right or wrong 
         G              D 
but they hung Christ on nails 
D                A 
6 kids at home & 2 still on the breast 
     G                     D 
they wouldn't even give us bail 
D                A 
Poor Ned, you're better off dead 
   G                              D 
at least you'll get some peace of mind 
you're out on the track 
they're right on your  back 
G                          G 
boy they're gonna hang you high      ) 
You know I wrote a letter 'bout Stringy-Bark Creek 
so they would understand 
that I might be a bushranger 
but I'm not a murdering man 
I didn't want to shoot Kennedy 
or that copper Lonnigan 
he alone could have saved his life 
by throwing down his gun 
You know they took Ned Kelly 
& they hung him in the Melbourne gaol 
he fought so very bravely 
dressed in iron mail 
& no man single handed 
can hope to break the bars 
there's a thousand like Ned Kelly 
who'll hoist the flag of stars 
we sing...CHORUS 
alternative keys  - C G F C 
         or       - G D C G 


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