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Only Our Hearts Banjo

Paul McCartney

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by hebealmeida

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Only Our Hearts

  		"Only Our Hearts" (rd. fret) 


 Gmaj7  Aaug  F#m7  Baug 
 D/E  E9  Em7  F#m 

____Verse: 1 

Em9            F#7     D6    E7 
 If on__ly my love was here__ 
  Em7       Gmaj7       F#             D    Bm7 
 I'd be__ta__king__the time__to feel___it___ 
          Em7       F#7        Bm7   E7 
 washing o__ver my bo__dy and soul___ 
Em7               Gm          A6        D6  Bm7 
 if on__ly my love, on__ly my love__was here__ 
____Verse: 2 

C#m7/b5          F#7            Bm7   C#m 
 I wish that my heart___was strong___ 
E7     Em7           F#        Dmaj7   D     A/B 
 I'd be let__ting it beat much fa____ster____ 
           Bm            F#7              Bm7   E7 
 at that thought___of you hold__ing__me__near___ 
Em7                    Gm             F#             Bm7  Am7  Cdim7 
 I wish that my heart__, wish that my heart___was strong___ 


Gmaj7       C#7            F#m7   B7 
 Ho__ping to be__ where_you_are___ 
Em7              A6      Dmaj7     D7  C7 
 and longing to be__your lo__ver___ 
Gmaj7           F#aug         Bm7   Bdim7 
 don't___want to ever___ be___far___ 
Em7                 A6    G/A   F#m 
 apart from you___, my___love___ 

____Verse: 3 

C#m7/b5          F#7           Bm7  E7 
 But only our hearts___will know___ 
   Em7                   F#    A7  Dmaj7      Bm7 
 if___we're___going to spend__it toge__ther___ 
          Gmaj7        F#aug          Bm7  E7 
 holding on___to the dreams that we share 
Em7             Eaug/A           A6          D 
 only our hearts___know how much love__is__there___ 

____Harmonica Solo: 

 Bm7  Am7  Daug  
 Gmaj7  F#7  Bm7  E7 
 Em7  Aaug  F#m7  D6 
 C#m7  F#aug  Bm7  E7  
 Em7  Aaug  Am7  Cdim7  Daug 


Gmaj7       C#m7             F#m7  B7  Fm7 
 Ho__ping to be__ where_you_are____ 
Em7             D/E  A6               C/D  Cdim7   
 and longing to be     your lo__ver___ 
Gmaj7    F#aug         F#7       Bm   Bdim7 
 I don't___want to ever___ be___far___ 
Em7                 Bm    C#m7/b5  A7/6 
 apart from you___, my___love___ 

____Verse: 4 

C#m7/b5          F#7           Bm7  E7 
 But only our hearts___will know___ 
  Em7                  F#      Gm   Dmaj7   Bm7 
 if we're___going to spend___it toge__ther__ 
          Gmaj7        D    F#aug     Bm7  C#m  E7 
 holding on___to the love___that we share__ 
Em7              Eaug/A             A7  F#m    D     D7 
 only our hearts___know___how much love___is there___ 


Gmaj7            Em7 
 Yes, only our hearts___ 
Eaug/A          A6         D 
 know___how much love___is there___ 
G  Dmaj7/A  Gm6/Bb  Bm  Bmsus2/C#  Bm/D  Esus  Em7  Edim7  D 

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