Patsy Cline

Im Blue Again

Patsy Cline

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Im Blue Again

	  		Key D# - , play D 
Intro :  D  A  A7  D 
(NC)        D                   G 
I'm Blue Again, my friends all said I'd be 
            A                  A7      D 
I'm Blue Again, because you're leaving me 
(NC)          D              G 
This heart of mine so well remembers you 
              A7                A       D 
Although I've lost your love to someone new 
 D             G                          D 
The nights are long, so long, my darling hear me 
            E7                   Em                A 
I pray that dawn will come, and somehow you'll be near me 
(NC)        D                G 
I'm Blue Again, my heart is filled with tears 
            A                 A7      D 
I'm Blue Again, as I think of wasted years 
(Repeat Chorus) 


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