Nana Grizol

Tiny Rainbows

Nana Grizol

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Tiny Rainbows

B            F#   E 
You were the only one 
  B           F#        E 
I fancied you all I had left 
   B           F#          E 
We knew it was true and instinctively left 
     Abm                    F# 
One another to mend our own holes in our chests 

     B             F#        E 
In a dream we were pieces of ships 
         B                F#          E 
We were attached from our feet to our hips 
       B            F#            E 
And forgetting that icebergs were only the tips 
      Abm                             F# 
As we crashed I could read the relief on your lips 

But most dreams were better 
And we all were one 
    Abm                  F# 
And everyone just became part of the sun 
And then shot back out 
In a gajillion rays 
        Abm                            F# 
All our ancestors and children and the futures they made 
           E              F#           B 
Would just shine down and light up the day 

        E                             B 
And our light blended better than our bodies ever could 
       F#                         E 
In the days when we were made out of flesh or wood 
Yeah we weren’t the same color though we knew that we could be 
        F#                           E 
We were ourselves but blended at the edges like it should be 

And now separated your color now shines on my sleeve 
        F#                                    E 
With my parents, favorite teacher, first ever pen pal and me 
The more that we share, guess the more that we grow 
       F#         E        B 
And we all became tiny rainbows 

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