Mel Tillis

Memory Maker

Mel Tillis

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Memory Maker

	  		(verse 1) 
(G)Walkin' all over this (C)lonely (G)city 
(C)Feelin' nothin' (C7)but self-(G)pity, 
'Cause i fell in love with a (D7)girl who didnt love me right 
(G)Now there aint no way I can (C)ever for(G)get her, 
'Cause (C)I ain't never been (C7)cheated any bet(G)ter, and i wonder 
who she's (D7)cheatin' with (G)tonight. 
She's a (Am)heart breaker 
She's a (G)love taker 
She's a (Am)memory maker 
and i'll bet she's makin' memo(D7)ries to(G)night 
(verse 2)-same chords as verse 1 
Well, she left me stranded and broken-hearted, 
Just like a fool I got myself outsmarted 
'Cause I fell in love wih a girl who didn't love me right 
But I can't help thinkin' about her 
Even though i'm much better off without her 
'Cause she'll be makin' memories tonight. 
(repeat chorus) 

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