Matt Monro

Walk Away

Matt Monro

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Walk Away

	  		Intro:  C  Am  F  G 

 C                          Am 
Walk away, please go 
 F                G                 C 
Before you throw your life away 
               Em       F                   G 
A life that I could share for just a day 
 C                      E7     Am      Am/G     D/F#   G 
We should have met    some    years    ago 
 C                    Am    Am/G 
For your sake I say 
      D/F#            G    G7 
Walk away, just go. 
 C                      Am 
Walk away, and live 
 F               G 
A life that's full                      **cifras: [email protected]** 
With no regret 
Don't look back at me 
       F           G 
Just try to forget 
 C               E7      Am    Am/G           D/F#   G 
Why build a dream that   cannot come true 
           C                        Am 
So be strong, reach the stars now 
          Dm    G      C 
Walk away,   walk on. 
If I heard your voice 
                      Eb     C#    Bbm    Eb7 
I'd beg you to stay 
So don't say a word 
                      G   G7 
Just run, run away. 
 C                 Am 
Goodbye my love 
 F                 G 
My tears will fall 
Now that you've gone 
I can't help but cry 
      F             G 
But I must go on 
 C              E7    Am           Am/G           D/F#   G 
I'm sad that I       have been searching so long 
           C                  Am  
You, I love you, but I told you 
           Dm   G           C    Am   F   G      C 
Walk away,      walk on,                 walk on. 


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