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20 000 Seconds

K's Choice

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20 000 Seconds

	  		G C Am D  x 2 

G		C					Am	D 
20,000 seconds since you left and Im still counting 
G				C 
20,000 reasons to get up, get something done 
but Im still waiting.. 
	D			    G 
is there someone kind enough to pick me up 
and give me food assure me that the world is good 
      Am		    D			                             G C Am D 
but you should be here, you should be here 
G				           C 
  how colors can change and even the texture of the rain 
	      Am		     D 
whats that ugly little stain on the bathroom floor 
Id rather not deal without right now 
Id rather be floating in space 
	Am			       D 
From where or worry about the ozone layer 
G	      C		   Am		     D 
   And its almost like a corny movie scene 
	    G			C 
Well Im out of frame and the light is bad 
	   Am		         D 
And the music has no theme 
	       G			C 
And were all so strong when nothings wrong 
	Am			D 
And the world is at our feet 
But how small we are 
	     C		         Am			   D                                                 G C Am D  
When our love is so far away 		when all you need is YOU. 

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