Joyce Manor

Falling In Love Again

Joyce Manor

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Falling In Love Again

E    A    D    Bm 

E                                                 A 
Thanks for showing me around last night, hope you don't think I don't care 

D                                         Bm 
Cause I do, I just don't know if I should feel this bad about you 

E                                              A 
After finishing your birthday drugs, look at a yearbook unprepared 

D                                        Bm 
And betray yourself to sleep it off then come down to collect it 

G                    A 
I think you're funny I like your friends 

F#                               Bm    A 
I like the way they treat you 

G                   A 
I've got some money that we can spend 

D                            Bm    A 
Not that you're like that 

               Bm   A 
I'm falling in love again 

G    A    D    Bm    A    G    A 

Repeat verses and replace two chords with (can also be played with just F#): 
Bm    A 

Outro (can also be played with just F#): 
     Bm           A                      F# 
Then come down to collect it.... (x6) 

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