Jefferson Starship


Jefferson Starship



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E|-------------------------------(0)---------- B|-------------------------------------------- G|----------------------(2)------------------- D|------------(2)----------------------------- A|--(0)--------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------- E|-------(5)--------(12)---------(17)--------- B|-------------------------------------------- G|-------------------------------------------- D|-------------------------------------------- A|-------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------
A He's gonna go down if I keep G Turning him around A I don't want to see him go B Don't want to see him go D A No because he's seen G A lot of fast talkin' women A I believe I believe B I'd better take it slow D Because I know I know E That this is love D And this is the day E D This is love this is the day B E Oh this is love and this is the day D The day that he's a drivin' on ice A Whoa but his body's full of fire and flyin' D Smile on his face looks so nice A But he's just so tired of tryin' D The morning brings cold weather A And the nights are all alone C And he thinks about that woman G And he wonders ah will she ever know D Em That he's a lovin' her D Em Oh he's a lovin' her A Like he's never loved D Like he's never loved before Am And bein' alone's just not that D G Easy anymore but don't you be sorry A No don't you be sad Em Ah you know things change G A The woman isn't gonna wanna keep you no Em Any longer than you want to stay A B Well so go to her When you think you know E D This is love this is the day E D This is love this is the day B D This is love oh this is love E D A/C# E/B This is the day ( A E/G# D/F# E ) ( G D A E )

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