Jaye P. Morgan

Miss you

Jaye P. Morgan



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Miss you

	  		A7 Gdim  D    D9        G       Bm7  F#7    
I  miss you, since you went a - way, Dear; 
 C   B7    C        B7    E7/9  E7 
Miss you, more than I can say, Dear. 
A7/6  Em7   A7/6    A7(V)  F#7  Edim F#7 Bm7 
Day - time, night - time, noth - ing  I  do 
Bm7/5- E7/6 E7 Edim  E7      Cdim A7(V)  Em7/9 A7 
 Can  make me for - get that I   still  love  you. 
Gdim    D     D9      G      Bm7  F#7    
Won - 'dring  why we had to break up, 
C       B7    C       B7  E7/9 E7 
Won - 'dring if we'll ev - make up, 
E7/9    A7   G     G/F#     Em7 Edim 
Won - 'dring if you ev - er miss me, 
A7 D Gm7  A 
As I miss you. 
Repeat twice 


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