Hot Apple Pie


Hot Apple Pie


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Tractors parked out in the yard, 
Let's say you and me take it down to the barn. 
Pull it inside and climb to the top, 
Spread out a blanket in our favorite spot. 
Reach 'at pitchfork out' the way. 
Hillbillies love it in the hay. 
(slide down to E) 
Grab that bottle of strawberry wine, 
A plate full of chicken and some of that pie. 
We could be there all night lon-hong, 
You know how we git when we git in on. (git it on.) 
Up in the loft, down yonder way, (whadya say.) 
Hillbillies love it in the hay. 
Chorus - (walk up to A) 
A                       E 
Lay me down on a bed of gold 
B7                                E 
Roll me around till the cows come home.  
A (walk up to this A)           E 
Drive me wild in the soft sweet grass (2nd time sing, "ahh yes") 
B7  A2                     E 
Hillbillies, like it like that. 
(slide up.) 
Sun's comin' up and the rooster crows, 
Hound dogs chewing on a chicken bone (chicken bone) 
You and me just havin' a baaaaaaall. 
Yeah it's a good thing that mule can't talk. (goodness) 
Ain't no telling what he might say 
Hillbillies love it in the. Hon-Heeee .. Hey!! 
Repeat Chorus 
E (Ride it on out...) 
Hey Hillbilly 
Hey Hillbilly (ya'll know what we're talkin' about) 
Hey Hillbilly 
Hey Hillbilly 

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