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Sky Starts Falling

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Sky Starts Falling


Your in  a mansion, But its really kind of bleak 
F                                                       C 
you try to climb the mountain, but you can not reach your peak 
You solve the puzzle, But the answere makes no sense 
F                                                   C 
Your trying to get comfortable while sitting on a fense 
looking to the left and looking to the right 
F                                 C 
It's a scary situation so forever you'll sit tight 
Em               C                   G                  D 
Will you be ready when the sky starts falling 
      Em                 C                        G          D 
And even when it crumbles will you still be stalling 
Em               C               G                      D 
which way to run away, can't escape the calling 
Em            C                     G             D 
will you be ready when the sky starts falling away 

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