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Francois Klark

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	  		verse 1 
     Em                   C                  G          D 
Last night in my dreams I set off a flare to guide you 
     Em                  C                G               D 
as I drifted through the sky on my own in search of you. 
       Em                C                G               D 
To the moon Id fly if I could my love to see you. 
     Em              C                G               D 
Over far and distant oceans travel to be with you. 
   G             Am         G          C 
No journey too far  I will search for you 
       G                        Am 
to the edge of the stars I will fight for your heart  
       Em               C 
I will be your spaceman baby 
Chorus Am C G D To the corners of the universe I will go to look for you. Am C Where the stars turn cold and the sun burns bold G D I will go until I Am Em Until I find you G D Until I find you Am Em Until I find you G D Until I find you
verse 2 Em C G D In the light of our morning star wanna wake beside you. Em C G D When the clouds roll heavy overhead wanna be right by you Em C G D so we can dance in the rain on the planet that well call our own. Em C G D When your heart beats next to mine Ill know Ive found my home.

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