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Understanding Salesmen Banjo


Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by IronPower4Ever

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Understanding Salesmen

Intro: Am

Am                Em 
   A knock on the door means 
F       C     G 
  Hello Jesus calls 
Am              Em 
  A ring on the phone means 
F           C       G 
  A trip to Niagara falls 

D C D Daddy don't let me down this time C Am I'm all alone inside my mind Em And it's no small thing F C G That i must prove to you
Am Em F C G Am Em A late night card game F C G With the guys is alright Am Em But i would rather F C G Take you for a test drive G
Fadd9 Em D Dsus2 While I look out on the passing fields Fadd9 Em G The sun through the bugs on the windshield F C G Makes me feel, like I, don't matter
Am Em F C G (x2) verse 1

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