Ed Burleson

Staring Out The Window

Ed Burleson


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Staring Out The Window

G A D Starin’ out the window G A D Watchin’ the door G A D Bm Waitin’ on someone who G A D Don’t love her anymore
G A D Down at the beer joint G A D Lord he’s feelin’ dry G A Bm Dancin’ with someone G A D Who’ll hold him for just one night And she’s…. Chorus She’s thinkin’ of leavin’ And lord you know she’s tried But you know sometimes It can be hard to say goodbye Chorus It’s six in the morning And lord he’s finally home He calls out her name Just to find out His girl is gone Chorus 2: And he’s starin’ out the window Watchin’ the door Waitin’ on someone Who don’t love him anymore Chorus 2 He done her wrong And she don’t love him anymore

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