Darryl Worley

Pow 369

Darryl Worley



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Pow 369

	  		Pow 369-crd 
Darryl Worley 
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C C/D C/E F E ---------------------------------------------0---- B -----3-2-3------3-2-3-------3-2-0---0----------3-- G ---2-2-2-2------2-2-2-------2-2-2-2-0------------- D -0------------0-----------0-------0--------0------ A -----------------------------------------2-------- E ------------0-----------2--------------3----------
Verse 1: C I was flying down the highway C/D Weaving in and out of traffic C/E F I was racing time C An old man pulled out in front of me C/D And I went crazy as can be C/E F I lost my mind Dm G I blew my horn till I got c lose enough to see Dm C/E G Gsus G And what was on his car-tag sure convicted me Chorus: C C/B C/G G P O W three sixty-n ine F C/E Dm7 G I should sa lute you from this heart of m ine C C/B C/G G And t hank you for placing your life on the line Dm G Gsus G For me, I'm fre e C C/B C/G G F I pray that the rest of your jo urney i s a pe aceful one C/E Dm C/E And may you take your own sweet time F G Mr. P O W three sixty-nine REPEAT INTRO CHORDS Verse 2: The things we take for granted In this life we lead are tragic We should be ashamed He left his home and family And cast his fate across the sea Would we do the same Well I sure bet he's got some stories he could tell Ain't that many ever made it back from hell REPEAT Chorus Dm C/E F Let me thank you one more t ime Em D/F# G D (end with intro chord progression) Mr. P O W three sixty-nine

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