Danny Boudreau

Still The Same

Danny Boudreau

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Still The Same

	  		Intro: C  C  Em  G  (2x) 

       C                                Em  G 
You always won, ev'ry time you placed a bet. 
         C                                     Em   G 
You're still damn good; no one's gotten to you yet. 
F           G                            C 
Ev'ry time, they were sure they had you caught, 
Em                         Am 
you were quicker than they thought. 
Dm                            G 
You'd just turn your back and walk 

C                                             Em    G 
You always said, the cards would never do you wrong. 
C                                               Em   G 
The trick you said, was never play the game too long. 
  F                    G                        C 
A gambler's share; the only risk that you would take, 
    Em                     Am 
the only loss you could forsake, 
    Dm                      G 
the only bluff you couldn't fake. 

C And you're still the same. E Am I caught up with you yesterday. Dm G Movin' game to game; no one standin' in your way. C E Am Turnin' on the charm; long enough to get you by. Dm G You're still the same. You still aim high.
Interlude C C Em G 2x (You're still the same) Bridge F G C There you stood; ev'ry body watched play. Em Am I just turned and walked away. Dm G I had nothing left to say.
C Em G And you're still the same. C Em G And you're still the same. C Em G Movin' game to game. C Em G Some things never change. C Em G And you're still the same.

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