Chuck Howard

We Become One

Chuck Howard


by  CEH9120

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We Become One

	  		C            F 
the night is soft and quiet 
cool breeze runs through her hair 
C            F 
i can feel our hearts beating  
C               G  
there is magic in the air 
C         F 
sitting by the fire 
C              G 
we'll share a bottle of wine 
C               F 
talk until the morning baby 
C                G 
we'll stand the test of time 

C F and i know, i know C G te time is right C F and i feel, i feel C G tonight's the night C F C F C we become one, we become one
C F her lips so warm so tender C G gently pressed to mine C F i hold her in my arms C G as our souls begin to bind C F we fall into a trance C G as our passions begin to build C F feel the heat from our desire C G i can feel our love fulfilled Chorus (2)

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