Chuck Howard


Chuck Howard


by  CEH9120

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	  		C               F                  G 
we were Friends always hanGinG out toGether 
C                F              G 
you Could make me lauGh until i Cried 
C                 F 
when we danCed in the rain 
C                       F 
the nieGhbors thouGht we were insane 
C                     F                      G 
i always thouGht a love like ours would never ChanGe 

C                  F                G 
but i woke up i thouGht i Felt you kiss me 
C                     F              G 
the note said i'll be baCk aGain someday 
C                     F 
i still Feel the hurt inside 
C                  F 
no matter how hard i tried 
C                   F                   G 
i Cant seem to let the past just slip away 

C            F                  G 
i miss you, i just wanted you to know 
C            F                 G 
i miss you, my mind wont let you Go 
C                    F 
iF there Come a time you ChanGe you mind 
C                     F        C      
i'm riGht here at home Cause i miss you 
           F            G 
i just wanted you to know 

C                 F                       G 
well my liFe has ChanGed sinCe i last saw you 
C                  F                     G 
my hearts been torn a time or two sinCe then 
C                  F 
but iF we ever meet aGain 
C                F 
no matter where or when 
C                  F                      G 
i wont let you Go i'll hold you Close my Friend 


Fade: C F G C F G 

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