Catfish And The Bottlemen

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Rango Banjo

Catfish And The Bottlemen

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by sabrjoao

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Main riff: e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---8---8---8---8---8---8-----8-----12----12----12---12---12---12---12------| G|-9---9---9---9---9---9---9-7---7s12---12----12----12---12---12---12--12-11-| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| x2
Verse: Em Darlin' I'm done for once D G And as soon as I get out of here Em I plan on coming back for nothing D G But then again there's you Em And although this town does flaunt D G All the stuff you need to feel at home Em I plan on taking from it nothing, D G But then again there's you
C D Em Abby she's got to wait C D G Until she gets you on your own C D Em So she can make you make mistakes C D G And you can offer to take her home
Verse and Chorus
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Solo: e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-13b15~-12-12-12-10-10-10----------------12-12-12-10-10-10----------------| G|--------------------------12-12-9b10r9-7-------------------12-12-9b10r9-7-| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|

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