For Me Again




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For Me Again

	  		Verse I 

E   C#m      F#        A      E         C#m E 
The moon can light the sky at night for me again 
    C#m     F#       A       C#m        E    C#m 
The sun can make the daytime bright and fun again 
    A        C#m    D        A      C#m      D 
And my heart can be free the way it wants to be 
      A        C#m     F#  E     C#m F# A C#m F# 
Cause you come back to me again (Instrumental) 

Verse II (Same Chords) 
The wind blows pain and clouds of rain away again 
And let's me stay with just a happy day again 
Cause now I really see how much you do love me 
How good the world can be again 

C#m         F# 
Oh when you left that day 
     A   B      E 
I forgot how to care 
C#m       F# 
And I hid myself away 
    A                 B7 
But now since you are here 

Verse III 
Winter days will seem like spring to me again 
With all the love that you will bring to me again 
And no matter what I'll do I will always see it through 
Cause I won't be without you again 

C#m F# A C#m F# E F# G# 


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