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Year: 2003 - Album: The Edge of the World

Key:  G More
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  		INTRO: Cadd9 G   Cadd9 G  Cadd9 G   Cadd9  G   Cadd9 G 
Well all the dirty old men are eyin' her 
I'm no better in the corner spyin' her 
She bends over to pick up a rag 
She walks my way and I can barely say 
    D         C       G 
Now Emily you look so nice 
     D                        C        G 
Well Emily you better bring a glass of ice 
D                      C                  D 
Emily I don't know how much of this I can take 
N/C        G 
I shiver I shake 
I make some stupid joke about the menu 
You know how it gets so clumsy when you 
Try to think out the next thing to say 
But she doesn't notice and laughs anyway 
Now Emily I don't wanna cause a scene 
Emily you're the best I've ever seen 
Well Emily I don't wanna be another coffee break 
I shiver I shake 
      Em                  C 
These lines you must have heard them all 
Em                         C 
Everyone's lined up at the waitress call 
     Em               C        D      G 
Well Emily you got me climbin' up the walls 
SOLO: Em  C   Em   C  Em  C  D  G 
Well Emily smiles and goes on with her work 
The next remark from the next drunken jerk 
The same sweet smile the same hearthrob 
You know the whole damn act's just part of the job 
Now Emily I'm sorry about the ketchup drip 
Well Emily I'm sorry about the lousy tip 
Emily I guess tonight I'll lay awake 
And shiver and shake 
         Em                   C 
Will you think of me when I'm out the door 
         Em                      C 
Will you think of me when you're on the floor 
         Em             C 
Will you think of me oh anymore 
G         D  G 


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