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	  		Bb     Cm7           Dm7  Eb7M(9) 
When nine of ten I keep quiet 
Bb     Cm7      Dm7  Eb7M(9) 
Nine of ten I win 
Bb     Cm7           Dm7  Eb7M(9) 
What is the use of feeding pride? 
Bb     Cm7        Dm7  Eb7M(9) 
Instead of arguing, I go free 

Eb7M      Dm7       Cm7 
Sadly I, sadly I need to tell there's an ego thing 
 Eb9/F   F7(9) 
Ego can't let it go 

Bb7M  Cm7  Dm7 Eb7M(9) 
Oh no this angel speaks for itself 
Bb7M  Cm7  Dm7 Eb7M(9) 
Even I, even I need the same space 
Bb7M  Cm7          Dm7 Eb7M(9) 
Oh no there's something using my brain 
Bb7M                Cm7             Dm7 Eb7M(9) 
And I don't want, I don't want, I don't want to stay with this 

Now you gonna give it up 
                     Bb7M  Cm7  Dm7 Eb7M(9)  
I got stuck in your brain 
             Bb7M  Cm7  Dm7 Eb7M(9) 
Anger is seen in your eyes 
            Bb7M  Cm7  Dm7 Eb7M(9)   
Thankfully, on the other hand 
     Gm    F      Gm6/E 
I'm light like a butterfly 

Eb7M       D7(4)  D7 
You are a lonely child and  
Gm   Gm7M      Gm7  
Everything you say  
      Gm6       Eb7M(9) 
Says more about you 

Oh stop and see it 

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