Allan Sherman

Camp Granada

Allan Sherman

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Camp Granada

	  		Here's old Camp Granda by Allen Sherman for all us  old guys...      
Camp Granada (Allan Sherman) 
Hello (G) Mudda, Hello (D  Fadda) 
Here I (C) am at Camp  Gra(G)nada 
Camp is (D)very  enter(C)taining 
And they (Em) say we Ill have some  (D) fun if it stops (G) raining 
I went (G) hiking with Joe (D)  Spivey 
He dev(C)eloped poison (G)  ivy 
You re(D)member Leonard (C)  Skinner 
He got (Em) ptomaine  poisoning  (D) last night after (G)  dinner 
All the (G) counselors, hate the  (D) waiters 
And the (C) lake has  alli(G)gators 
And the (D) head coach, wants no  (C) sissys  
So he (Em)  reads to us from (D) something called  (G) Ullyses 
Now I (G) don't want, this should  (D) scare ya 
But my (C) bunkmate has mal(G)aria   
You re(D)member, Jeffrey (C)  Hardy 
They are a(Em)bout to organ(D)ize a  searching (G) party 
(Am) Take me (Em) home, oh Mudda Fadda
(Am) Take me (Em) home, I hate  Granada 
(C) Don t leave (G) me out in the  forest (F) where 
I might get (C) eaten by a (Em)  bear 
(Am) Take me (Em)  home, I promise I will (Am) not make  (Em) noise 
Or mess the house with (C) other  (G) boys 
Oh please don t make me (F)  stay 
I've been here (C) one (F) whole  (Em) day        - stop-  
Dearest (G) Fadda, darling (D)  Mudda 
How is my (C) precious, little (G)  brudda 
Let me (D) come home, if you (C)  miss me 
I would (Em) even let Aunt (D)  Bertha hug and (G) kiss me 
Wait a (G)  minute, it stopped (D)  hailing 
Guys are (C)  swimming, guys are (G)  sailing 
Playing (D) baseball, gee that is  (C) betta 
Mudda, (Em)  fadda,  kindly (D) disregard this (G)  letta 


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