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  ( In The House Of Flies )
Album: White Pony   
Tab By: [email protected]

During this song, Chi's amp is on really low, its really hard to hear what he 
is playing, but when you listened to the song over one hundred times 
straight, you kinda get it then. This is one of those songs that Chi is 
playing on one string, so I am just going to wrote the string he uses, the "C"

Verse  Very hard to hear, keep this part smooth. Come in when drums do.

Chorus  Simple, do the slide thing at the end of the chorus, sounds good to 


Post-Chorus  You can hear when it changes.


Bridge  When it gets all quiet, the bass here is really soft, but it's there.


Outro  Really easy, go crazy at this part like Chi does at the concerts.


That song rocks, kind of weird for Deftones, but who cares, there's my 
version of the song, it sounds good trust me. If you have any questions about 
this tab or any other of my me at [email protected]


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