Weddings Parties Anything

Luckiest Man

Weddings Parties Anything


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Luckiest Man

	  		G D Am C 
Am       Em          C              D  
Bought a fish and we cooked it on a barbecue  
     Am     Em            C                  D  
Down by the ocean hey you should've seen the view  
    Am                Em          C                D  
Now you don't need me telling you just how good it tasted 
   Am               Em                C                D      C 
We left the tale we left the head but nothing else got wasted 
           G                Am          D  C 
Then I did something such a novelty for me  
             G              Am      D 
I kicked the footy into the Arafura Sea (I was the....  
G D Am C Luckiest man in the country G D Am C Luckiest man in the world G D Am Luckiest man on the planet C G D Am C Doesn't mean I didn't miss you --- Girl
Am Em C D Off the coast at headland where the ocean ain't so blue Am Em C D There's a cyclone that is raging and they've named it after you Am Em C D But they say with any luck it's set to pass us by Am Em C D But I could stand a soaking just to look into your eyes C G Am D And my friend said if he stayed here he'd never give up drinking C G Am D But I think if I don't leave soon I'm gonna get to thinking (thinking I'm the ....) (Chorus) D C G One thing 1 have noticed ever since I've been away D Am C You never write those post cards on your bad days. Am Em C D Well I might head down to Roebourne for the racing in the spring Am Em C D And if I win on the horses I will step into the ring Am Em C D Toss the coins up high and wide, watch them dance and spin Am Em C D You know the way my luck's been running well it might be anything C G Am D Some say that life's sentence and from it there's no reprieve C G Am D But I think that it's a lottery I'm beginning to believe C G Am D That I am on a winning streak too good to be true C G Am D Think I could win on anything but I can't win with you (even though I'm the....)
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