On The Other Side Ukulele tab


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by Beefstew2

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On The Other Side

  		Intro:    G   A   D   G 
Verse 1:  
           G                           D 
Those followers of Jesus, distressed and discouraged 
              D                                    A 
Thought Jesus had left them in a bind 
                 G                                  D                D 
They had given up everything, to follow in his way 
          E                                                   A 
And now he had gone and left them all behind 
              G                                    D 
So they went back to fishen, but this time not for men 
                    D                                              A 
They spent a lot of time and didn't catch a thing 
                   G              A                     D                    Bm 
Then early the next morning they saw Jesus standing by 
            G                              A                     G - D 
He said friends throw your nets on the other side 
G - A D On the other side you will find abundance G - A B On the other side blessings over flow G A D Bm Just follow my instructions and you won't regret a thing G A G - D Wait until you see what's on the other side
Middle thing: G A D G Verse 2: As I try to follow Jesus Sometimes I'm discouraged The daily trials and troubles weigh me down The more I seek to do his will and follow in his way The more satan tries to steel the peace I've found Oh but I'm gonna keep on fishen for the souls of men I wanna be faithful to the end Cuz early every morning, when I look to him to guide He says wait until you see what's on the other side Chorus- then repeat last two lines of the Chorus for the ending.
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