Tyler Childers

Lady May

Tyler Childers

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Lady May

Intro: C/G F C/G F C/G Am B/C C/G  (x2)

I'm a stone's throw from the mill 
          F                C/G 
And I'm a good walk to the river 
        F              C/G 
When my workin' day is over 
         Am       B/C   C/G 
We'll go swim our cares away 
Put your toes down in the water 
      F                 C/G 
And a smile across your face 
    F                C/G 
And tell me that you love me 
Am     B/C  C/G 
Lovely Lady May 

Am B/C C/G Now I ain't the sharpest chisel F C/G That your hands have ever held Am B/C C/G But darlin' I could love you well F C/G Til' the roll is called on high Am B/C C/G I've seen my share of trouble F C/G And I've held my weight in shame Am B/C C/G But I'm baptized in your name F C/G Lovely Lady May
Break: C/G F C/G F C/G Am B/C C/G (x2) Verse C Lord the wind can leave you shiverin' F C/G As it waltzes o'er the leaves Am B/C C/G It's been rushin' through my timber F C/G Til' your love brought on the spring C/G Now the mountains all are blushin' F C/G And they don't know what to say Am B/C C/G 'Cept a good long line of praises F C/G For my lovely Lady May
Am B/C C Now I ain't the toughest hickory F C/G That your ax has ever felled F C/G But I'm a hickory just as well Am B/C C I'm a hickory all the same Am B/C C I came crashin' through the forest F C/G As you cut my roots away Am B/C C/G And I fell a good long ways F C/G For my lovely Lady May
Outro: C/G F C/G F C/G Am B/C C/G
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